Kjappiser: forskere med leker, nevro-babling og detox

Bilde av en hund som ligger og ser ut over et landskap. Bildeteksten sier «Of course I believe in the power of barking. The only reason I am alive today is because of barking. Every day a mailman approaches my home and every day I bark until he leaves. To this day he still has not brutally murdered my entire family. I have the power of barking to thank for that.»

Siden vi snakker om ønsketenkning …

Ffeature-bilde: Tanya Harrisons bilde fra #girlswithtoys

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Veronica is a PhD candidate in high energy physics at the University of Oslo, Norway. She loves science, and is a total science-fiction nerd. She's a queer feminist, a secular humanist, and of course a skeptic. She spends most of her free time working for one of the major LGBTQ+ organisations in Norway. She is the editor of the Norwegian Skepchick blog, but also writes for some of the other blogs in the network. She can be found on Twitter as @VeronicaInPink.

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